Report from the Community Sneak Peek

It was a bit of a crunch to get the film edited in less than a month for our Community Sneak Peek at Cinemapolis on September 30th, but it was well worth it! Over 130 people came out on a Friday evening to watch the film and participate in a discussion with the director Shira Golding and some of the film’s stars – Lily Gershon of the Dacha Project, Stephen Nicholson, and Art Weaver of Renovus Energy/Weaver Wind Energy. The panel was moderated by Guillermo Metz, organizer of the Green Buildings Open House, a weekend-long tour of local green residences and businesses, which was kicked-off this year by the screening of Empowered.

The response to the film was extremely positive and we’ve already heard from a number of people that they are going to move forward with installing solar panels and other renewables because they got so inspired!

We’re planning on putting some finishing touches on the film in the coming weeks including some animation sequences and we’ve already gotten a bunch of requests for screenings. We’re meeting this week with the Finger Lakes Bioneers and the Finger Lakes chapter of the Sierra Club to strategize about a statewide tour!

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