Empowered DVD now available

Since we’re environmentalists, we don’t really like making products and shipping things around – we prefer things to be done online when possible. But we’ve had a lot of requests for the DVD, and they are useful for community screenings and gifts. So, we’re now selling DVDs! They’re made in as low-impact a way as we can manage, burned right here at Shirari Industries (a.k.a. the director’s living room), and folded into handmade paper packets (no plastic cases).

  • DVD Ithaca Pick Up $10 (we’ll leave it at the Shaleshock office at the Workers Center, above Autumn Leaves Used Books on the Commons in Ithaca, for you to pick up)
  • DVD U.S. $15
  • DVD International $20

Click here to select your DVD…

Proceeds go toward making more DVDs, creating outreach materials, maintaining this website, and funding other upcoming film and activist projects.

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