Screening Tips

  1. Decide your primary goal(s) for the event. Do you want to create dialogue about renewable energy? Move people to install solar panels on houses? Knowing your desired outcome(s) will help determine who you want to invite and where you want to hold the screening.
  2. Secure a location. Based on your primary goal for the event, choose a place that will provide the right atmosphere for your “target” audience. Consider size, location, accessibility and cost.
  3. Figure out screening logistics. Get the DVD of Empowered and show it on a TV or screen of any size. Be sure to test the equipment ahead of time and make sure the sound will be audible to all.
  4. Spread the word. Keeping in mind your goals for the event, reach out to your desired audience. Be strategic – you probably have limited time, so focus your efforts on reaching people where they are. Sometimes all you need is word of mouth. But to reach a broad audience you could make a Facebook event page, put up posters in your community, send the info to key email lists, and even contact your local newspapers and other media outlets. Let us know about your event by filling out the form above, and we’ll post it on this site!
  5. Have your event! Screen the film and have a discussion. Consider inviting local renewable energy installers or others knowledgeable about the issues to be on a panel and answer questions. Be prepared to provide people with concrete ways they can take action. Consider providing refreshments or making it a potluck. Take photos and do a head count of how many people attend. Put out a contact list so you can stay in touch with people after the event.
  6. Keep the momentum going. Follow up with people in your community to explore alternatives to fossil fuels. Let us know how it goes!