We welcome press inquiries! Please contact the director of the film, Shira Golding Evergreen.

“Here’s a remarkable ground-up account of the revolution that’s really starting to alter things on this earth – and with any luck this movie will help many more people shake up their communities!” – Bill McKibben

“What’s so intriguing is that it tells the story of a town that really embraces alternative energy. And at the end of ‘Empowered,’ you think, it’s not that hard—and it makes logical sense.” – Calliope Nicholas, Director of FilmColumbia Festival

“An inspiring grass-roots film about how…people like you and me…are taking charge. After watching it, you’ll want to switch to one — or many — forms of alternative energy. It makes you realize that if these folks can make the switch, anybody can do it! So empower yourself!” – Lori Hill,


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