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EMPOWERED: Power from the People from Shira Golding Evergreen on Vimeo.

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Town of Caroline

In this video clip from Empowered, you’ll learn about Caroline‘s forward-thinking design for their Town Hall, which features solar power, geothermal heating and cooling, sun tubes and passive solar.

Ithaca Biodiesel

In this video clip from Empowered, you’ll learn about the evolving Ithaca Biodiesel Cooperative and their goals to turn waste veggie oil into environmentally-friendly fuel for the community.

Renovus Energy

In this video clip from Empowered, you’ll learn about the origins of Renovus Energy, the first renewable energy installer in Tompkins County.

Energy Fair

In this video clip from Empowered, you’ll hear Cal Walker of Village at Ithaca and Gay Nicholson of Sustainable Tompkins discussing the very real effects of energy inefficiency in our community.

Enfield Energy

In this inspiring excerpt from Empowered, you’ll hear the folks who began Enfield Energy’s wind farm project (they’re now called Black Oak Wind Farm) discussing their location’s unique benefits and challenges, as they work to bring local, cooperatively-owned, sustainable green wind energy to Tompkins County.

Dacha Project

In this excerpt from Empowered, we interviewed Lily, Marina and Joe from the Dacha Project about their off-grid homestead. Learn about how 6 to 7 residents get by with one tiny solar panel and generator running waste veggie oil.

Jim Rothenberg and Sarah Highland

In this early trailer for Empowered, you’ll meet Jim Rothenberg and his highly visible garage rooftop solar array, and Sarah Highland gives a tour of her off-grid owner-built homestead, including her solar panel and super-efficient refrigerator alternative.

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